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Day Care fee WAIVED with purchase of a bath!

Bath cost is determined by the size of your dog and the condition of coat. Bath includes: Shampoo, Conditioner and Nails & Ears (if needed)







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Doggie Daycare Benefits

by Darlene Niemeyer
We know you love your dog and you feel guilty every day when you have to leave them home alone, bored out of their mind, lying around all day. Doggie Daycare finally offers you alternative to all that guilt! Doggie Daycare gives your dog hands-on loving care when you can’t. Some dogs can experience separation anxiety if they have to be alone all day. They can destroy furniture, bark non-stop or have accidents. Worst of all is they are not able to socialize with other dogs and humans which is really mostly what they want to do!

Doggie Daycare will allow you to finally have guilt free workdays. You will notice your dog will be relaxed & happy after a day of playing at Doggie Daycare. Your dog will be able to wrestle around with other dogs, to get rid of all that pent-up energy, and will be happy just snuggling with you on the couch when they return home & not have to take you out for that long walk!

The benefits of allowing your dog to attend doggie daycare are astounding. For young dogs it teaches them invaluable social skills that will help them learn how to properly meet and interact with a variety of other dogs. It also helps young puppies with their potty training due to routine time outdoors. Doggie Daycare is a proper outlet for all of that pent-up energy. So that way you can simply relax and enjoy their company at home and not have a dog demanding attention and exercise.

Many of the Daycares also will board your dog while you’re away on vacation. The benefit of this is that fact that they are so tired from playing all day they won’t have nearly as much stress at night time being away from you. All they will want to do is go to bed after a long day of romping around.

The most beneficial part of dog daycare is that dogs will learn how to socialize with one another. The end result of course being a well-rounded dog that will interact well with their peers & humans and best of all it relieves your guilt of having to leave them for the day making your day more productive as well!
Properly socializing your puppy will ensure the best traits come out in your pet! 


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